Not every beautiful, historically valued structure in a town can be maintained or reconstructed with public funds. The reconstruction of the Dömitz Fortress bridge within the framework of a renovation of Dömitz Fortress is one of these architectural structures that relies on support in the form of donations.

We need your help! Become a sponsor for the reconstruction of the Dömitz drawbridge. Support this architecturally valuable project – every donation helps!


Drawbridges are always needed when ships, whose masts or chimneys are taller than the level of the Drawbridge, want to navigate waterways or when access to important buildings is to be protected. This protective function also applied to the drawbridge, built in 1865, leading to Dömitz Fortress. Its valuable services were in use for over 20 years yet historic records show that the fortress bridge was severely damaged in March 1888 by floods.

In 1902 the bridge was demolished and replaced by a dam. The reconstruction of the fortress bridge of 1865 is an important part of the architectural heritage in the renovation plans for Dömitz Fortress. After completion of the planning phase, already set to commence this year, construction is scheduled to start in 2010.

Main entrance to fortress Main entrance to fortress, the drawbridge is to be erected in place of the earthen wall.