Fortress bridgeFortress bridge View of the bridge construction at the fortress entrance, 1865

The fortress bridge, which was completed in 1865, provided a way to get to the main gate of the fortress in the southern flank of the „Cavalier“ bastion. The bridge was made of wood, had a trackway of wooden planks with a width of 4.5 metres and was composed of four bridge pilings. A drawbridge component was integrated between the fourth bridge piling and the fortress gate.

The drawbridge consisted of a light metal construction and could be folded into the outer gate using counterweights and a hoisting device.

The structure of the fortress gate in the bastion flank is a special architectural feature of Dömitz Fortress. In most fortress complexes, the gates and thus also the access bridges went through to the inside of the fortress through a curtine, a wall between the bastions. This would have made it possible to defend the fortress entrance from both of the bastions on either side. In order to achieve the necessary protection for the fortress entrance in Dömitz, a new bridge construction was integrated into the fortress entrance, as well as an outer gate with arrow slits for the infantry and cannon positioning.

Fortress bridge side view of a bridge pillar, 1865